Tremendous detainer policy changes across Colorado!

By May 1, 2014News
As of today, Denver, Boulder, San Miguel, Routt, Grand, Jefferson, and Mesa Counties have announced that they will no longer honor ICE detainers, and we hope to hear additional positive news from other jurisdictions in the coming days.
With so much happening in such a short time span, we want to be sure that you have materials to be able to share with your members about the recent victories regarding detainers in multiple jurisdictions in Colorado.  Attached are fact sheets about detainer policy changes in both English and Spanish — please use them!  Special thanks to Mayra and Cristina at the MLO for translating this on a short timeline.
Also, here is an initial roundup of some of the press articles from the past 24-48 hours discussing these momentous changes.

Stay tuned for more information as it develops!