Why is criminal defense for immigrants a specialty area of practice?

Criminal convictions can cause draconian and permanent immigration consequences for noncitizen clients. Even minor convictions can lead to ineligibility for lawful status, mandatory immigration detention, and removal or deportation – not only for undocumented people but also for lawful permanent residents, DACA and TPS holders, and people with other immigration status. In fact, many times a plea bargain that would be favorable for a citizen could have devastating and disproportionate immigration consequences for a noncitizen.

It is crucial to have a criminal defense attorney who fully understands crimmigration law. This requires a strategic analysis of the potential immigration consequences that flow from contact with the criminal justice system, and experience in navigating both criminal law and immigration law successfully on behalf of clients.

The Meyer Law Office, PC specializes in providing effective criminal defense for noncitizen clients in a full range of criminal matters, including traffic offenses, DUI, misdemeanors, domestic violence, document offenses, and other misdemeanor and felony charges. In addition, our office litigates postconviction relief for noncitizen clients in cases where they have received ineffective assistance of counsel that has resulted in adverse immigration consequences.

We combine the traditional skills of aggressive litigation and strategic plea negotiations with a nuanced understanding of the complex interactions between immigration law and the criminal justice system to assist immigrants in resolving criminal cases successfully. Our firm works to resolve cases not only from a criminal perspective, but also for what are often the more important goals to seek release from immigration custody, obtain or maintain lawful immigration status, and reunite with family and community.