ACLU and MLO reach settlement with Arapahoe County

By June 19, 2014News

The Meyer Law Office, PC is proud to announce an important update regarding immigration detainer reform.  Today, Arapahoe County has agreed to a settlement to pay $30,000 to our client Claudia Valdez, who in July of 2012 was held on an immigration detainer for three days by Arapahoe County Jail.  This settlement hopefully marks the start of additional detainer reforms, while highlighting the underlying issues presented by immigration detainers, including among other issues the lack of statutory authority for county sheriffs to make what is essential a new arrest.

We hope the settlement continues to advance the policy reform around detainers while putting local jurisdictions on notice about their potential liability for honoring detainers without lawful authority.   Stay tuned for follow up advocacy and potential litigation related to immigration detainers in the near future.

Attached is the press release and initial complaint in Claudia’s case.  We also have info on the settlement along with general info on immigration detainers on our Facebook page and our ICE detainers page.  You can also find more info about Claudia’s case and a fantastic ACLU blog post on her story.

Thanks are in order to Mark Silverstein, Rebecca Wallace, and the ACLU of Colorado for taking on this issue, without whom this settlement would not be a reality.  As well, many thanks are also in order to our client Claudia, who has demonstrated the courage to stand up for what she knows to be right, both for herself and her community.

Hopefully, this moves the ball forward on the detainer issues, provides our local governments with incentive to pass meaningful policies, and highlights the destruction that ICE deportation dragnet policies have on communities.

2014-06-20 FINAL ACLU press release (Colo sheriff to pay $30k to woman held on immigration detainer)

2014-06-20 SPANISH ACLU press release (Colo sheriff to pay $30k to woman held on immigration detainer)

Claudia’s Profile

Claudia’s Profile – Spanish

ACLU DRAFT Complaint – Valdez Sandoval v. Walcher


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