The Meyer Law Office, PC specializes in immigration law, removal defense, criminal defense, and the immigration consequences of contact with the criminal justice system.  Our firm has earned a reputation for excellence and leadership in the immigration law and criminal defense communities through dedicated and creative litigation, superior technical knowledge, professionalism, and compassion.

In addition to individual client representation and case litigation, our firm is dedicated to promoting justice and fairness in all areas of immigration law, its intersection with the criminal justice system, and public policies related to immigrants.  Towards those ends, the firm provides legal and technical trainings to attorneys and legal professionals throughout Colorado and the United States, as well as specific analysis related to local, state, and federal policy in the areas of immigration law and the criminal justice system.  Finally, the firm also works closely with nonprofit organizations, immigrant communities, and advocates to develop both legal and community based strategies to defend and advance the rights of noncitizens.

Whether you are a non-citizen hoping to adjust your immigration status, a green card holder in removal proceedings fighting to stay in this country, someone with an old criminal case wondering if you should travel outside the country, apply to renew a green card or apply for naturalization, or if you are currently charged with a crime – the Meyer Law Office, PC will give you the prompt, accurate, informed advice that you deserve.